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Huz began his passion with very little experience but more of self-learn from any opportunity he gets and spent substantial amount of time doing his homework before any assignments. Though he sought out for his signature dream-like images, each couple walks away with a distinct and unique set of images. As a part of the preparation, Huz gets a feel for the couple’s personality. Whether you’re working with an energetic bride with a flair for drama, or a quite bride who is a little shy, you want to mold their poses and settings to fit their individual personalities.


Any nervousness or stiffness will come through in the shot, so in order to achieve natural images, the couple has to be comfortable. Not everyone loves being in front of the camera, so Huz has a little trick to make the couple feel at ease: “Sometimes I ask the couple to tell jokes, or to whisper to each other what they like most about the other person, so they smile or laugh genuinely.” This authenticity makes for beautiful, emotional, and true portrayal of the couple in love. Huz takes a cinematic approach to directing her clients. For example, rather them asking the couple to kiss each other, she instead asks them to walk, then choose a moment on their own to embrace. “This way, I’m creating a ‘perfect’ scene for a candid kiss, and every one of my couples can have classic a kissing photo that is all their own,” says Huz.


Of course it’s impossible to control every moment of the wedding, but there are certain elements you can maneuver to ensure you get the right shot. Huz styles, directs, and controls the lights, backdrop, and props as much as possible, and allows candid moments to happen within those controlled environments. “When I arrive at a bride’s getting ready room,” Huz shares, “I ‘redecorate’ and place the bride and her maids in a clean, open, light filled space. They can continue having hair and makeup done, getting dressed and helping each other, but the scene looks finished and polished.”

In this shot of the bride getting ready for the ceremony, Huz set up her model in front of the antique mirror and waited for natural moments to emerge. When the bride lifted her hands to check her make up, Huz was able to capture the delicate motion on camera.


Environment plays a critical role in setting the mood and tone of the wedding. Couples spend months planning their nuptials, getting the details just so. Photograph the venue and the surroundings, including flowers, décor, furniture, and everything in between, as each wedding will have distinctive details. Snapshots of moments as the day unfolds, like the setting of the table or tweaking of the floral arrangements, help add descriptive elements to tell the story of the wedding.


When it comes to photographing ambiance and guests, it can be helpful to blend in with the crowd. Huz finds that people can often tense up when they see that she is the designated photographer, which can lead to posed and stiff shots. For that reason, sometimes he chooses to work with smaller cameras: “People aren’t looking at me all the time thinking that I’m the photographer, so they act more naturally, and I can get more natural photos.”